Profile: Established in 1988 Demo Export House Enterprises India began manufacturing metal handicrafts for export to the European market direct to distributors in France.

Today Demo Export House Manufactures the finest hand crafted lifestyle entertainment home accessories for table top, bar and kitchen.

With two hundred in-house respected employees and three hundred local artisans in various handicraft production centers, Demo Export House's manufacturing personnel totals over five hundred dedicated individuals.

To meet the demands of their international clients Demo Export House sources its raw material throughout the Indian subcontinent. Demo Export House selects the finest materials of all to produce the renowned accessories.

Never compromising on design, quality or material, Demo Export House takes great pride in working with the needs of each Buyer, Retailer, Wholesaler, Importer or Distributor directly.

With Thirty years of dedication for their craft, their employees, and their customers, Demo Export House Enterprises has earned immense respect within their industry today. Demo Export House’s commitment to excellence has positioned Demo Export House as one of the most respected handicraft Home Furnishing Manufacturers globally.

Demo Export House’s extraordinary designs and quality resonates in everything they create.

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